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Why Are Travertine Tiles Fast Catching Up In The World Of Floor And Wall Tiles In Sydney?

Travertine tiles are very beautiful and cost-effective. If you have been planning on installing travertine tiles, then this guide will tell you all about it’s advantages and the reasons why one picks travertine over any other tile in Sydney.

Travertine tiles are very handy and come in a variety of sizes. The most ideal part about these tiles is that they can be installed in many places in your homes. Tiles, cobblestones, wall claddings, etc. These are some of the best proponents of travertine tiles in Sydney

First, let us understand,

Q1. What is travertine?


  • Travertine is one of the most popular stones that has been considered in the tiling industry
  • It is a natural stone that comprises of mineral deposits
  • It has a good texture because of calcium carbonate precipitation
  • Travertine has many finished available
  • For example: polished, brushed, honed, and tumbled
  • This natural stone is available in three colours; Silver, Ivory, and Noce

Q2. What are travertine tiles?


  • Travertine tiles are also called as travertine pavers
  • They are specifically manufactured and designed to suit your interior
  • These tiles, moat if the times, are a best fit for outdoor spaces
  • However, they can complement your interior, too
  • Travertine tiles are widely used and accepted by homeowners in Sydney because they come in a variety of styles with their own benefits
  • These tiles will make your interiors look glossy and bright

Q3. Are travertine tiles durable?


  • One of the best properties of travertine tiles is that they are very durable
  • They are highly resistant to moisture and hence there is less wear and tear
  • You definitely have to maintain them from time-to-time
  • However, they hardly crack-up if proper maintenance is done

Now that you have known what a travertine tile is and how efficient it can be, let’s dive into some of the types and grades of travertine tiles in Sydney.

Before you set out for travertine shopping, it is important for you to know the various terms for you to choose the best travertine tiles for your homes in Sydney.

  • Travertine Grades:


  • Travertine tiles have three grades
    • Premium
    • Standard
    • Commercial
  • Premium grades are referred to as first grades
  • This tile has been perfectly cut
  • Standard grade is called as second grade
  • They have more filler in the stone
  • Commercial grade is third grade and is not perfectly cut on all sides
  • Premium:


  • This grade offers great colours
  • In fact they have been chosen to be consistent in colours
  • These tiles are first filled with machinery and then by hand
  • Hence, these tiles will not have large holes as they are filled twice
  • These tiles have uniform edges
  • Standard:


  • This tile offers second largest collection in regards with colours
  • Tiles are double filled as premium grade
  • Some large holes are are allowed in this particular tile
  • The colour in this tile might contain some swirls
  • The edges of standard tiles are evenly sized as premium grade and has uniform edges
  • Commercial:


  • Large colour variations can be seen in commercial grade
  • This grade might have some minor defects in sizing
  • These tiles are not hand filled
  • Edges are cracked and broken a lot of times
  • Types of Travertine tiles:
  • Cut types:


  • Bedding planes are very inherent in travertine tiles, hence, it is possible to get a dramatic look on the cut type you select
  • Vein cut and fleuri cut are the other cut types used to create travertine tiles
  • Vein Cut:


  • A vein cut describes the cutting process where the cut is made in opposition to a bedding plane
  • This gives the tile a linear pattern
  • Fleuri Cut:


  • Fleuri cut is also known as cross cut
  • A random pattern is created rather than circular
  • A strong tile is created with the help of this cut
  • However, if you have a large footfall, this cut is not advisable due to holes

Higher demand of travertine tiles in sydney these days and for good reasons:

  • Travertine tiles are very unique:


  • Many homeowners choose travertine tiles as they are very unique
  • Every piece of this natural stone varies in density, texture, and colour
  • The best part about the travertine tiles in Sydney is that you can use them anywhere, outdoor and indoor
  • Indoors, anywhere, too, be it kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc
  • These tiles come in a variety of finishes and thickness
  • Travertine tiles are very long-lasting:


  • Travertine tiles are very long-lasting and durable
  • It is an extremely timeless option
  • Moreover, it is classic
  • It is one of the most porous materials among the natural stones
  • However, you will have to take special care of this natural stone for its longevity
  • No harsh chemicals should be used to while cleaning otherwise they can greatly damage your tile
  • The look and feel of the travertine tiles:


  • Travertine tiles are a treat for your feet
  • They feel absolutely soothing and beautiful when you walk on them
  • Especially, in summers, they are a cool touch to your place
  • Also in winters they do not get very cold in comparison with other stones
  • It gives a beautiful and magical touch to any place they have been installed in
  • Travertine stones are very soft

Travertine tiles in Sydney have seen an attraction and are installed more often. They not only make your home pleasing but also offer all the best properties of tiles.

When you go shopping for travertine tiles in Sydney, make sure you visit many stores and not just one. Comparing prices is extremely important. Also there is a possibility that one particular store has less collection in comparison with another store.

Once you have installed travertine tiles, be assured to experience magic whenever you walk over them!