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Tesla’s Entry could help India to lift Brand

Tesla’s Entry could help India to lift Brand

Tesla’s Entry could help India to lift Brand

As we all are aware, this pandemic has taken every country to a down level and many businesses are in loss. Due to the business and all, India is also facing many problems in terms of financial and economic status. But in this situation, two brands came up to help up India in this situation and they are Apple and Tesla at

India is also not in a better condition especially after this pandemic, the country will need a little help and surely these two brands will help India to rise as a brand in the world. Well, this is obvious that Cruk and Musk want to open their retail in the country and want more of their products to be sold here.

Joining hands with Tesla and Apple will be more of an advantage for the country because this will end the dependence on China, and will help to raise the job opportunities along with the good relationship with the foreign countries.

The entry of Tesla confirms that Musk wants to see electric cars on the roads of India. However, the entry of the Tesla is yet to be finalized; this is going to take some time to finalize it completely as it requires permission from the government.

History of the Tesla

Tesla is one of the popular Brands which deals with electric cars, engine cars, and more different solar devices.  It is an accelerating company, which is releasing brand new cars and solar products in the market continuously. It is an American company, exporting their business all over the world.

But it didn’t end well, Tesla electric cars started to have many disadvantages, and negative reviews. For example, it was not possible to take the car for a long-distance, as this means you have to charge it. If in case you forget to charge the car, then the car will not be able to move even an inch from its place.  In this way, people started to abandon these electric cars.

Comeback of Tesla

Now, it looks like the situation is changing, Tesla is trying to sell their manufacturing in different countries by making people understand about their positive perks. In recent months Tesla has also gained profit in the tesla stock market sale. Even the stock market for last week for Tesla was also profitable. You need check its cash flow at before buying its stock.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.