‘No Demo Reno’ Shows How To Save K on a Kitchen Remodel

‘No Demo Reno’ Shows How To Save $30K on a Kitchen Remodel

On “No Demo Reno,” Jenn Todryk is known for renovating without ripping down walls—and on the latest episode, her clients are astounded by how much money they save.

In the episode “Craft Explosion,” Todryk meets Katie and Mike Garcia, who have been living in their home for 11 years.

Todryk is challenged to completely renovate a kitchen, breakfast nook, bathroom, living room, and crafts room/office in six weeks, spending just $85,000.

She is also asked to redo an outdated and overused dining room for Andy and Beth Roginski, to accommodate their family of five for both meals and game playing, in only two weeks.

Check out how Todryk works her magic, delivering plenty of ideas you might want to try yourself!

Foundation must come first

‘No Demo Reno’ Shows How To Save K on a Kitchen Remodel
A crack in the ceiling could signify foundation issues.


Beautiful design is important, but if there’s something wrong with the foundation, fixing that should definitely take priority! Simple cracks in the walls and the ceiling could portend something more serious.

When Todryk first arrives at the Garcia house to get ideas, Mike explains the situation with the living room.

“We had a fair amount of money to do all these renovations, but recently we also noticed some cracks in the house, so we got some foundation repair done and that took a big chunk of our money,” he says. “So now we are trying to figure out how we can do what we want to do with less money.”

“That’s my job,” exclaims Todryk excitedly.

Now that the foundation is stable, she notes that a little spackle and a coat of paint will fix those cracks quickly and inexpensively. She had already budgeted a paint job for the living room anyway.

Don’t live with ugly paint colors

A dated. red and yellow kitchen
A dated red and yellow kitchen


The Garcias show Todryk around their dated, deep red and butter-yellow kitchen.

“This paint color, we’ve always disliked it immensely. It was this color when we moved in,” Katie says.

Todryk is stunned. “11 years ago?” she asks incredulously. “You’ve hated it for 11 years, and you’re like, ‘We’re not going to paint it. We’re just going to hate it! We’re going to be filled with anger.””

Todryk vows to paint the kitchen a neutral white for Katie’s clean and simple taste, but add a pop of color with the backsplash for Mike’s more vivid preferences.

Keeping the cabinets saves major money

Honey blond cabinets painted white
Honey blond cabinets painted white


The Garcias’ cabinets are a dated honey blond, but they’re in good shape and the Garcias have never minded their style or the amount of storage space they offer.

“We were wondering if we could just paint them or something?” asks Katie.

Todryk is ecstatic.

“That’s like a lot of money that you’ve just gifted to me by reusing cabinets,” she says. “So we can paint these—that’d be like saving $30,000. We could do other things with that.”

Luxury vinyl tile can look like a wood for way less money

Luxury vinyl tile
Luxury vinyl tile


The Garcias are tired of the weird-colored tile floor in their kitchen, and who wouldn’t want wood? But wood floors are expensive and take a long time to install.

“If you find yourself wanting that wood or tile look, and you just don’t have the money to pay for the materials and the labor, you should really look into LVT options,” says Todryk, referring to luxury vinyl tile. “It’s a lot softer, you can see that exact same wood look, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper.”

A dining table with storage is a nice plus

Dining table with pull apart storage
Dining table with pull-apart storage


Next, Todryk moves onto the Roginskis’ dining room.

“The most important thing about this room is the table,” she declares. Right now, their huge, round table hardly leaves room for chairs.

“It needs to be a perfect table,” Todryk continues. “It needs to be functional for not only meals, but games, entertaining.”

She has a fabulous idea to create a custom table with storage. Her carpenter, Brett, designs a rectangular table with a box underneath that’s revealed when you pull the table apart to add a leaf. It’s perfect for game storage.

Newly renovated dining room
Newly renovated dining room


How do these no-demo renovations turn out?

“I’m just shocked at how great this space looks,” says Mike once he sees the results. “I can’t wait to get in and use it. It’s amazing how you can transform a home without even having a demo.”

The Roginskis are equally pleased with their new dining room.

“We’re definitely going to make a lot more family memories in that space because we’re going to want to have family meals there every night,” Beth says. “Starting right now.”

That’s Todryk’s cue to take off.

“It’s a true success story of working with what was already there,” she explains.


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