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How To Decorate Every Room Of Your Home With Shabby Chic Furniture?

The first way in which you can use Shabby Chic Furniture to decorate all the rooms in your home is to mix the maximum detail with the minimum colour. You can choose elegant updates and mono gets by opting for soothing neutrals, ornate accessories, and pretty fabrics. If you want a sophisticated take, in this case, you can always settle for a palette that comprises only cream and off-white shades. You can add distressed and white-washed wood to the mix to make it interesting. If you want to avoid a flat look, you can layer the accessories by using a lot of texture and details.

You can easily use fabrics made from materials such as crochet, lace, and linen along with the best shabby chic furniture in these cases. However, you must never forget to use grey in this case. Adding grey laminate flooring would not disrupt the space. The grain of such a floor would offer subtle contrast.

  • Use chalky hues and soft curves to bring about a farmhouse feel :

You can always use shabby chic furniture to make your home feel like a farmhouse. Your best friends in this context would be the likes of soft curves and chalky hues. These elements can help you create a corner of rural France right at your home in Australia. You can use rustic wood finishes and muted textile prints for such work. You can use delicate duck-egg colours to paint the walls. You can pair this with furnishings that are made from painted and distressed wood and are available in rich cream colours.

  • Using craftsmanship in combination with artisan picks :

If you want to use such furniture to add character to your living space, you could combine plush upholstery with distressed wood. This is one way of styling your home to gain popularity with shabby chic furniture. You can use wallpapers that have subtle brushstroke designs in colours such as grey and soft blue. It would set the tone for a dynamic look in that room. Here, you can also draw inspiration from Bloomsbury prints that come in chalky hues. You can use this on your lampshades and cushions. If you want the look of a traditional collector, you can get jugs that feel like they are handcrafted and vases that do not match.

You can use a laminate surface with antique effects on the floor to complement the look. This is especially true when you are using reclaimed wood furniture in the room.

  • Create an affinity for such furniture among your children :

You can make your children fall in love with shabby chic furniture as well. For this, you can use the likes of ballerina motifs, sugary shades, and painted furniture. Your daughter would like it a lot. You can use as many pretty pinks as you want in the room. You can use illustrated wallpapers to decorate the walls. Your upholstery and bedding can feature the likes of flowers and darling hearts. If you have bare floorboards, you can paint them white.

  • Using country creams to create a feeling of a farmhouse :

This is a great way to decorate your home with shabby chic furniture. You can easily use the likes of subtle stripes, shaker-style furnishings, and neutral shades. It would give you the rural and relaxed look that you want in your home. If you want a traditional country palette made up of beige and cream, you can combine it with cushions and upholstery that come in colours such as muted red and are made from ticking stripe linen.

Simple checks would also work well in this context.

You can take things a few notches higher in this context by using shabby chic furniture that is made from natural materials such as oak, linen, and cotton. If your floorboards are not perfect, you can take a bit of a shortcut by using realistic laminate flooring that has an aged look about it.

  • Using feminine accents and vintage accessories together :

You can use shabby chic furniture in the conservatories of your homes. These rooms are prime locations for creating such a look because they are bright and open spaces. Here, you can select the classic woven furniture that is normally used in these rooms. You can paint the adjacent walls in shades such as fresh blue-grey and create a feel of elegance. If you want the furnishing to be soft, you can match and mix floral and striped fabrics that have plain cushions and seat covers. You can also use bevelled mirrors in the room and conclude the look with lots of potted plants and fresh flowers.

  • Using classic rose prints to create a lovely look yet again :

You can also use shabby chic furniture to fashion a romantic scheme in your home yet again. The best way to go about this would be to use pretty pinks, accessories that evoke a sense of nostalgia, and whitewood. You can combine these with the blowsy bouquet prints. We cannot deny that this is a feminine look par excellence. You can use patterns liberally and also consider a feature wall. You can go for classic work by the likes of Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston in this context.

Do you want your bedroom to be the cosiest? In that case, you can layer a lot of comfortable pillows with knitted or crocheted blankets. You can make the walls interesting by simply using tongue-and-groove panelling. You can use a rich cream shade to paint a part of the wall and paint the remaining part in white.

  • Using mismatched accessories :

People who like shabby chic furniture are usually highly creative individuals. They are always looking for vintage products as they are the cornerstone of creating such a look. The bathroom is an outstanding example of how you can create such a look with the lowest budget. You can easily use the likes of salvaged cupboards, vintage console tables, and antique mirrors to create the look. You can easily tick all the boxes in this case by using a used vanity unit.