Best House Designs – Top 10 Homes in Australia

Best House Designs – Top 10 Homes in Australia

Australian architects are trend setters around the globe – and have been influencing the course of human architecture for decades. With a characteristic mix of Baroque, Victorian and Art Deco style houses, Australian homes reflect the multiculturalism of the Australian populous.

On average, Australian houses are the largest houses in the world. Australian architects tend to embrace spaciousness and comfort above all else, creating breathtaking houses in a variety of settings. Australian houses often celebrate or work in harmony with the natural landscape. The unique beauty of Australia’s wilderness allows for pure creativity in home architecture that is unmatched across the world.

Currently, trends in Australian architecture are showing a return to passive design. Many Australian homes built today are taking influence from the natural science developed by First Nations’ peoples.

Informing modern home design with natural context allows Australian architects to harness the landscape’s assets for purposes such as temperature regulation or weather protection. This can help homes last for decades longer than traditional designs, and is part of the reason that Australian homes are among the most durable structures in the world. 

To help give you an idea of what Australia’s architects are capable of, here are some of the most stunning homes in Australia.

Best house designs Australia: Ranking Australia’s best homes

10. Planchonella House, QLD

Best House Designs – Top 10 Homes in Australia

Planchonella house is one of the most prestigious rainforest homes in the country. Nestled away in the dense heritage trees of Edge Hill, this award winning Cairns home makes the most of tropical living.

Construction was completed in 2015 and the house was designed by its owners; architect Jesse Bennett and interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo, a marital team, were uniquely equipped with the ability to design their own dream home.

planchella house cairns rainforest best most beautiful homes in australia

However, they have recently listed this masterful glass and rosewood property for sale and are expected to see between 4-5 million AUD. See more of this phenomenal property here.

09. Anlaby Station, SA

anlaby station australia farmhouse

Anlaby Station is easily one of the most impressive South Australian pastoral property. This breathtaking home was restored by Peter Hayward and Andrew Mophett over a period of four and a half years.

anlaby station australia farmhouse library interior

Their commute from Sydney was a lengthy one, but now the 500 acre homestead has been completed and stands proud in the gorgeous Barossa Valley. Boasting a shade house, walled vegetable garden, home library, conservatory, billiard room, rose gardens, glass house, and columned terrace areas, this home is one of the most extravagant private residences in Australia.

08. The Villa Veneto, NSW

villa veneto sydney beautiful home expensive

This Sydney property shattered Australian records with its 52 million dollar sale to medical innovator David Penn in 2010.


This six-bedroom Italianate property took architect Michael Suttor four years to finalize and features a home theatre, sauna, art gallery, gym and library.

villa veneto sydney beautiful home expensive

Each of the bedrooms are linked to the internal courtyard, which provides a beautiful common area for guests and residents alike.

07. The Barn, VIC

the barn victoria rural property dreamhouse rustic

Nestled in the Mornington Peninsula, this gorgeous rustic home gives new meaning to country living in Australia.

farmhouse dream house renovation white

Designer, developer and owner Troy Robinson made it his mission to create his dream home, complete with a tennis court, swimming pool, guesthouse and gardens. This design draws from traditional Australian architecture with its high ceilings, wide rooms and spacious verandas.

06. Wylie-Rawlings residence, NSW

wylie rawlings residence byron bay hinterland historic farmhouse renovated country rural living

This rural farm property is another gorgeous example of traditional Australian farm architecture revamped for modern life. This 188 acre property is located in Nashua, NSW and blends perfectly into the beauty of the rural Australian landscape.


The historic farmhouse was renovated by owners Jeanie and Edward, and the second cottage house which they rent out to guests was transported from their Ipswich property during the process.

05. Modern coastal home, VIC

modern coastal home in victoria

This modern mountain home takes advantage of the stunning coastal views afforded by its position on Mount Eliza. The Megowan Architectural team mustered all of their tried and tested creative skill to create a structure that moulded seamlessly into the raw beauty of the surrounding ocean.

modern coastal home in victoria with ocean views balcony

With warm materials, rich textures and sustainable design strategies, this home stands as a prediction of the future Australian standard.

04. Night Sky, Blue Mountains NSW

night sky cabin observatory stars award winning

Peter Stuchbury’s gorgeous mountain cabin is perhaps one of the most unique award winning house designs Australia. The design has received several awards in 2021 alone, including the AIA’s Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture, and the House awards for sustainability.

night sky cabin observatory stars award winning

The red brick property is the product of a masterful collaboration between client and architect to achieve one primary purpose: breathtaking views of the night sky. With huge windows, skylights and glass doors, this property promotes a connection with nature unlike any other.

03. Clifftop house, South Coast NSW

clifftop house ocean views modernist design

Clifftop house, located on the Great Ocean Road, is one of Australia’s most beautiful beach houses.

clifftop house ocean views modernist design infinity pool

A mirror image to the raw and untamed beauty of the ocean, this home’s industrial design forges a home for itself amongst the rough Victorian cliff-face.

clifftop house ocean views modernist design lanterns

This house was designed by Woods Bagot for owners Berry and Cooks, two professional photographers with a keen visual eye.

02. Art Deco Home, NSW

art deco home sydney nsw white house exterior

Located on the lower north shore of Sydney, this home was in desperate need of renovation when it was purchased by current owners Katie and James McElvogue in 2010. Rather than knocking it down and rebuilding completely, the McElvogues decided to keep the 1930s structure intact.

art deco home sydney nsw white house exterior pool

The result is a stunning modern Art Deco home with a quirky and unique design, from the curved front room to the multiple fireplaces, geometric patterns, and luxurious bronze fixtures.

01. Alinghi beach house, Queensland

alinghi beach house queensland bush

Alinghi beach house is a gorgeous Queensland residence designed by Australia’s award winning architect James Grose. Grose employed various elements of passive design to enhance the sustainability of the Alinghi beach house throughout the decades. The home blends softly into the natural landscape due to its Arctic cedar cladding, a silvery effect which will fade deeper into the silver-barked surroundings over time. This home will absolutely go down in history as one of the best Australian house designs of all time.

For more information on Australian architects – and rising stars to keep an eye on – see here.

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