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Dear customers!

«MATRYOSHKA DELI FOOD» offers a superb variety of traditional and gourmet food and allied products of assured quality as well as impeccable service and a welcoming atmosphere of a family owned store.

We are pleased to offer you an opportunity to look at our assortment, new products and prices beforehand. You can see photos of merchandise that is always in our store.

We highly appreciate every customer, we are attentive to any appeal, whether it's a gratitude or a complaint. Only in this way, maintaining constant dialogue with you, we can most effectively improve the operation of our stores.

Dear friends!
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We are happy to announce our new service that we are going to start on May 1 2013 - delivery of products to home and office. Now all your favorite products you can order with delivery over the Internet.

The idea of this service appeared after we have thoroughly studied the rhythm, way of life and needs of our customers. In order you can always have access to high quality products, in order your fridge is always full, we decided: let «Matryoshka» itself come to you!

We have carefully studied all the details of delivery and convenient virtual showcase, different payment methods and high level of service.We will also take care of storage conditions of products during delivery: our vehicles are equipped with portable fridges. Quality guaranteed!

Life doesn't stand still and «Matryoshka» too.
Any of the products we are ready to deliver qualitatively and in time to your table starting May 1, 2013.
We hope you will appreciate this service, and a new opportunity!