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Dear gourmets!

«Matryoshka Deli Food» offers your favorite culinary dishes that they like to cook at any Russian home. We maintain the quality of home cuisine. The mere phrase "home cuisine" immediately brings our memory into a cozy secure childhood, where warmth, enticing aromas of spices, melodies of bubbling pots and sizzling pans rule in the kitchen’s of your grandmother and mother.

But in the age when many people spend most of their lives at work, you are only left with the memories of your grandmother's pies and a timid hope for a tasty dinner tonight. That is why supermarket «Matryoshka» turns your dreams and memories into reality! Our chefs offer ready-made meals, salads and appetizers that will be a real decoration, bringing warmth and comfort to your festive table.

A variety of salads, along with the other dishes can be used for serving regular meals or for family gatherings. Mouth-watering dishes prepared not only to enrich your family evenings, but also will surprise your guests and loved ones with their unparalleled, truly homemade taste.


Visiting fashionable restaurants and local taverns, we are always happy to enjoy a wide variety of restaurant meals. However, not everyone is able replicate the harmony of unfamiliar ingredients, convey color and flavor of the dishes, combine exotic rhythms of gourmet products and European delicacies at home.

Supermarket «Matryoshka» offers you the refined symphony of the culinary compositions, transmitting gustatory gamut of countries of the former Soviet Union. Thanks to a rich assortment of salads and appetizers, you will be able beautify your table and enjoy the unique flavor and taste of colorful dishes.

You can order delivery of ready-made meals, salads and appetizers for any celebration. We will deliver your order, set the table and tastefully decorate the table at your request, and our waiters will serve you and your quests. After your banquet is over our personnel will take care of cleaning the rest for you. You do not need to worry any more at a day of your birthday, or a day of arriving of long-awaited or uninvited guests or at a day of any other holiday.

We will do everything for you!