Loyalty program


Loyalty program for Florida residents

«MATRYOSHKA» discount cards


Dear Florida residents! SUPERMARKET "MATRYOSHKA DELI FOOD", as before wants to serve your needs and anticipate your wishes! Let us express our gratitude for your commitment to our store! We appreciate and love you and want every purchase bring you more positive emotions! We would like to offer you a discount card that will give you the opportunity to get the cumulative discount for exclusive products and merchandise imported specially for supermarket "Matryoshka"!

Discount card of the supermarket chain «Matryoshka» issued free of charge when making one-time purchase of 20$ or more, and filling out the questionnaire of the discount card holder. You can fill in a questionnaire at home or in a store. By presenting at the checkout completed questionnaire and a receipt in the amount of 20$, you will get 2% discount card "Matryoshka Deli Food."

The size of the discount depends on the total amount of purchases made by you
with the discount card "MATRYOSHKA DELI FOOD"
at supermarkets "MATRYOSHKA DELI FOOD" and is calculated as follows:

500$ - 3% 1000$ - 4% 1500$ - 5% 2000$ - 6%
2500$ - 7% 3000$ - 8% 3500$ - 9% 4000$ - 10%

The organizer of discount program of supermarket "MATRYOSHKA DELI FOOD",
reserves the right to change the terms of the program.